Android “Lollipop” Disk Encryption Causes Serious Performance Issues!

(Cross-posted from Dr. Bill.TV) If you recently upgraded your Android device to Android 5.0, known as the “Lollipop” version, you may be experiencing some strange performance issues after the upgrade if you enable encryption. It appears that the problem is caused by disk encryption of the Android device which can be turned off in the […]

A Nintendo 3DS Hack to Get (Illegal) Free Games

The YouTube Video has sine been removed. But, you shouldn’t be cheating to get free games anyway! New Nintendo 3DS Hack Gives You Easy Access To Illegal Games Huffington Post – By Damon Beres – “Nintendo’s popular 3DS video game system may have a new piracy problem. A video posted on YouTube on Friday, which […]

A Hand Held Bomb Detector

And, no, we are not talking about movies that are bombs… we are talking real bombs! Hand-held device detects liquid bombs in 5 seconds – “A Japanese research team has developed a bomb-detection device that can quickly determine if liquid inside a container is explosive or flammable. Once the device is manufactured, it could […]

Malware for Your Phone – Just What You Need! (Not!)

I HATE Malware. I am OK with lining up the perps that write it and shooting them (metaphorically.) I guess. Malicious Software Said to Spread on Android Phones Bits Blog – New York Times – By: Nicole Perlroth – “For years security researchers have warned that it was only a matter of time before nasty […]

New Zealand Researchers Develop Hand-Held DNA Sequencer

Imagine a Hand-Held DNA sequencer! Well, now it exists! Scientists develop hand-held DNA sequencer for infectious diseases Healio – “New Zealand researchers have developed a novel, hand-held DNA assay capable of detecting suspected viruses and bacteria, as well as the severity of infection, according to a news release. The battery-powered device, which utilizes quantitative PCR […]

Hand Held Hack #24 – Video – “The Hand Held Catch-up Edition”

The $100 HP 7 Plus Android tablet, quality at a low price? At it’s ten year anniversary, PSP bites the dust. Is it a victim of the smartphone? Apple on has unveiled its new health monitoring app, its cloud-based information platform known as ‘HealthKit!’ (Click on the buttons below to Stream the Netcast in your […]

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