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CyanogenMod: No Root on Default!

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Security is a good thing, but this is a BIG change!

CyanogenMod disables root access by default, now requires user configuration

“Holy crap! CyanogenMod, the custom ROM of choice for many power users, will no longer offer root access upon first install. Now before you panic, let’s make this part clear: everyone so inclined may still enable superuser access — for ADB, apps or both — from the Developer Options menu. The biggest change, in fact, is that CyanogenMod is making a significant departure from the majority of custom ROM developers, which offer root access to all users by default (and often without their knowledge). The move is an attempt by CyanogenMod leaders to make the platform more secure, and given the number of ROMs that are based on CyanogenMod (or glean its packages), we wouldn’t be particularly surprised to see this feature become more commonplace amongst other custom Android ROMs.”

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